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Kankin's Kingdom, Forseen - Based a True Story of Tough Love

Kankin's Kingdom, Foreseen will produce a motion picture in the theatre of your mind. This novel details the rite of passage of a family, pushing through various Catch-22 obstacles within a paradox of the present, past, and future coexisting.Each scene in Kankin's Kingdom, Foreseen will pull the reader into a metaphysical world-a realm where poignancy and agony dance inside a psychological tornado. The story, a prophesy, will lure the passerby to walk the tightrope between day dreams and nightmares. Ultimately, this forewarning intends to empower, motivate, and rectify the future as a revelation.


Event Date: 
Saturday, November 9, 2019 - 2:00pm
421 Vineyard Town Center
Morgan Hill, CA 95037