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Baby Blanket Babble-on

Baby Blanket Babble-On—Infant/Toddler Story-Time

Tuesdays, 10:00 am at BookSmart

This is STORY+MUSIC+PLAYTIME for the youngest members of our community (infant to 2.5 years old) and their parents

Join the fun as we share a story, explore some music and enjoy playtime in BookSmart's Children’s Book Section


STORY: Even the youngest kiddos love to hear stories and listen to the cadence that comes with reading aloud.  (Experts believe that your baby should hear 30,000 words per day.)

MUSIC: Children have an innate response to music, because of that your baby will be exposed to different music and songs from all cultures.  They will discover melody, pitch, and rhythm while building a repertoire of joyful songs.

PLAYTIME: BELLY-BLANKET SURFING!  Playtime is never wasted time.  It's time for building rapport with your child and other children too.  Babies love other babies and here's your chance to let your little one play...just play!  Explore age appropriate toys and activities that will enhance your playtime with your baby.

Age-Range: This activity is ideally for infants to 2.5 year olds. (Please see the BookSmart calendar for information about a StoryTime for older children.)

Older Siblings: If you have an older sibling, please feel free to bring him or her along, but know that since we will be on the ground, that your older children must be attentive and careful of the little ones.

Facilitator: Karen Fitch (of The Morgan Hill Mom’s Meet-Up)


Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am
1295 East Dunne Avenue
Suite 120
Morgan Hill, CA 95037